About the author

About the author

"A good photo is when 2+2>4”

Ilya Rashap is one of the most successful and cited russian photographers, a talented teacher, and a journalist — a rare combination of qualities in one person. Ilya's creative works are sold in galleries in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Beijing, Tokyo, etc., and are exhibited in Russia and Europe. Great experience in the field of commercial photography allows Ilya to successfully cooperate with major customers across the country and implement large-scale projects of any complexity.

The author's blog about the art of photography is filled with useful information and humor, the monthly audience of the publication exceeds 500,000 people, and articles are replicated in thousands of copies all over the Internet.
Ilya Rashap's master classes are always full of philosophy and a non – trivial way of thinking, a huge amount of relevant information-not only technical, but also, above all, mental.

“I think that the closest art form to photography is poetry. Allegory and subtlety, working with non-literal associations — it is this poetics that makes a thoughtful viewer fall in love with a good photo.

The photo doesn't scream, it can't be a manifesto or contain slogans — it just shows something more than we usually see with our eyes.”

Ilya Rashap


Projects completed

Customers are happy and wipe their tears of emotion with a slight sentimental sadness

Master classes were held

The light of truth was shed and the light of knowledge shone on the black fields of ignorance and barbarism.

Articles written

151 458 people read and 245 674 893 times cited and shamelessly distorted.

Photo sessions captured

Do you really think that the author's personal chronicler keeps all this accurate count?







Increased intelligence, gives a paw, not neutered.



After the photo session with Ilya my life was completely transformed. The headaches are gone, the kidney stones have resolved, the hair is silky and airy, and on "these days" I always feel dry and comfortable now.

After viewing the photos my husband stopped drinking and went to work, and there were 5 times more children.

Evgeny Koshechkin

This is a miracle! As soon as I place a photo from Ilya in my living room, I immediately became rich, famous, and people surrounded me with care and recognition. And I could swear that sometimes ... my kitchen tap is running wine.

Yakov Rabinovich

After I went to Ilya Rashap's photo courses my life turned into a real hell!

As soon as I lay down on the couch, my ass immediately starts to burn! If I come up with a reason not to do something, it starts to “shoot” in the left ear and the leg is taken away. When viewing cats on YouTube, my computer began to hang up, and my phone does not go online.

Because of all this mess, I now have to build rockets! This is outrageous.

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