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This collection contains various videos from shootings, events, backstage from master-classes, exhibitions, and some interviews. There are also examples of author's videos, which can be viewed in more detail on the channel YOUTUBE.

The video above shows the backstage of the shooting for the music group "Mongol Shuudan". In the story, which we shot at night in the forest for several hours, every element of the photo is thought out. Everything that is in the picture plane matters, any object. For the viewer the task was offered — to guess the group's songs encrypted with the help of photo elements. This shooting was accompanied by an advertising campaign before the concert tour. The winners received free concert tickets.


Backstage from a masterclass in Romania (Cluj), where I was twice invited to the festival with exhibitions.

Light drawing

This section is dedicated to lessons on lighting setup in photography. Initially published in the form of articles, and then there was a series of training videos. Here are just a few examples.
You can view a selection of articles in author's blog.
A selection of videos — Youtube.

CFT calendar. Day 1

This is a small video backstage from the shooting of a calendar for a corporate client. The calendar was shot at night because the story needed the light of the night city. Because of this, the shooting was quite specific.

CFT calendar. Day 2

CFT calendar. Day 3

CFT calendar. Day 4

CFT calendar. Day 5

An interview with Aesthetics Of Nude

My old interview for Internet TV. I remember it was quite a strange feeling from it, because I struggled with the host as much as I could throughout the program -)

Interview for Russia-24 TV channel


Live interview for the St. Petersburg TV channel "TV 24 hours".

Backstage from MK in Krasnoyarsk

Backstage from MK in Simferopol

Backstage from an exhibition in Moscow


Perhaps the most popular category, which began in the author's blog and continued in the form of live video reviews. It is dedicated to feedback on submitted author's photos.
You can view a selection of articles in author's blog.
Selection of video — Youtube.

Interview with Neoromantica

At one time I was fascinated by the idea of independently interviewing participants in the art world. It seemed to me that a person "from the inside" will be able to get deeper into the essence of the issue and make the program interesting.
Unfortunately due to the departure from Moscow the category temporarily stopped.

Interview with models

Interview with Andrey Razoomovski

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