This photo project draws the image of a modern girl and her relationship with the person she is trying to "collect", to come up with her emotions, hopes, experiences, thoughts and expectations.
This is certainly not a "made-up friend", but rather an attempt to distance herself from real relationships. A mixture of fear, frustration and inability to find compromises.
Real people most often upset her, because she unwittingly compares them with the ideal invented image, looking for flaws and inconsistencies, and of course — very successfully.
I would like to touch on a topic that is aggressively taboo today because of the current agenda. Men and women are different. It is strange to deny this fact, dictated by biology. Psychologically, physically, emotionally, by the manner of behavior.
And this difference has its consequences in communication (both between close people and in society), which often resembles military operations; with its intelligence, espionage, propaganda, attempts to manipulate and open combat clashes.
This is a whole problem to seek compromises, resolve disputes, get used to each other, find points of contact... This is labor. It's easier to lean against someone who understands you better and faster, just because of biology. A similar way of thinking, reaction, one look at most of the questions. Physiologically clearer again.
I ask the question: can't it be that sometimes (not always!) the reason for homosexual relationships is not a natural sexual inclination, but a disappointment from communicating with the opposite gender? And even more — the desire to achieve psychological comfort in the shortest possible way.
And sometimes — just a desire to be fancy…
I am aware that in modern society it is not accepted to ask such questions under the fear of persecution and burning at the stake under the hooting of the crowd. However, I still believe that the desire for tolerance (which I strongly welcome) does not deprive people of the right to talk.

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